In 2018, we created a friendly space to welcome you in the best conditions.
In 2020, we built a high-performance video studio to showcase your virtual events.

From the beginning and for years to come, we’re at your side to help you create vibrant events.

Oztudio is also a state of mind that focuses on people and social (re)connection.


What brings you to Oztudio?

You're renting our space for an event with or on behalf of your company

We love to see you make the place your own, whether it’s for a team meeting, a launch party or any other corporate event. With a service combining hospitality, professionalism and creativity, we will guide you through the preparation of your event and do everything to make your life easier on the big day.It will seem as if we have always worked together.

You’re attending one of our own events

We also love to organize our own events, for the pleasure of finding new ways to bring people together and create links between people who didn’t necessarily know each other before coming through our door.Come and enjoy a good time with us.

discover our space !



of good MOMENTS in OZtudio

For me, there is nothing more meaningful than bringing people together, whether it's to start a business venture or just to unwind for an evening. 

I dreamed of this really friendly place, where no matter how many people, no matter the purpose, the goal is always to create an authentically good time, with all the emotion that goes with it. I made my dreams come true when I created Oztudio in June 2018.The most satisfying thing is seeing people who don’t want to leave. Maybe they’re caught up in an unexpected discussion, maybe they’ve been seduced by the special atmosphere of the place, or maybe it’s just that they’re comfortable.How did the idea come to me? I had the pleasure of discovering the event world when I was very young, in a small space that was located… in my yard. That’s when I discovered the power of togetherness. I continued the experience at the arts office of my school, and I knew then that the event industry would be part of my life. When I finished my studies, I made the crazy decision to travel around the world to meet entrepreneurs, which brought me closer to the entrepreneurial world and inspired me to help the incredible humans behind the projects. I felt the need to learn before launching my own project, so I did business development for 6 years, and immersed myself in fieldwork to understand all the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Very quickly, I was tempted to organize my own networking events. I loved it so much that I decided to go even further and use events to connect people by opening my own space. And of course, events for entrepreneurs are an important part of the programming.