Internal meetings 
and teambuilding activities

Improve internal cohesion in your team

Improve internal cohesion in your team
In a context where telecommuting is more present, several issues appear: ensuring the commitment of each person, sharing the same level of information, maintaining motivation, keeping the link within the team.

Oztudio can be your one-time office for a day or half day, your meeting room or your ideal location for a strategic planning retreat.

Strategic meeting to inform

A change of scenery for more inspiring meetings and more impactful business decisions.

Teambuilding to consolidate

Plan the informal to keep the team together and integrate new employees.

5@7 to share a good time

Contribute to the well-being and engagement of your employees by allowing them to connect in a different way.

Wrap party, kick-off, party

Don't wait for Christmas to enjoy a festive occasion and share a good time as a team!



If you already have an idea in mind, we will be by your side to bring it to life.

If you lack inspiration, we will be happy to share our good ideas and offer you a tailor-made and turnkey experience to meet your needs.


Take the opportunity to include remote workers with a webcast or recording of your event with our video studio.

You can also record video clips or enjoy a videobooth animation.


Are you looking for a place to hold your next corporate event?

We offer two spaces designed to welcome all your guests in a warm, friendly and exchange-friendly atmosphere.